Frontenex 5B ⋅ Flat renovation ⋅ Appartment in Geneva


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Rénovation et transformation complète d'un appartement au plateau de Frontenex datant des années 90. Photos par Claire Terraillon

The apartment of the 90s strongly partitioned becomes with this project a single space defined by two walls. In the main axis of the apartment one wall separates two rooms. It is reinforced in its expression by two full heigh swivel doors without any frame. The other wall separates services from the main space. Its expression is guaranteed on both sides. On the main bedroom side, a window connects the wardrobe to the wall. In addition to releasing the wall, this translucent glass brings natural light in the bathroom. On the other side, the kitchen stands slightly back from the head of the wall. The kitchen island that advances in the space is more defined as a piece of furniture being raised on feet. The intervention allows to enjoy East-West sunshine while offering a sense of space and extra height. pictures by Claire Terraillon

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