Marzagues 272 ⋅ Housing in Marseille ⋅ Research around technical installations


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Since the 19th century industrial revolution, technical installations proliferate in new buildings as much as they parasite old ones, under the dictum of "comfort". A hundred years have been enough to establish in people the need for various tools for their home, which contribute to the individual's sense of self within the society.

From the ground to the upper floors, the installations reduce in number as the spaces become more generous. The possible distributions diminish from floor to floor in favor of a community-based life. Whithout being either heighten, or luddite, the project is a social expression that happily adopts the mechanical aesthetic inherited form modern times. In this way, the building is integrated whiten the Mediterranean's most community-laden city : Marseille.

All plans from bottom to the top All plans Situation Plan Axonometry Marseille Housing Flat Model Structure and technical installations Ground floor Perspective Second Floor and Third Floor Perspective Fourth floor perspective Sixth floor and Seventh floor perspective Eighth floor plan Ninth Floor Perspective Facade Est perspective North facade Model Large Scale City of Marseille Architecture